White Dwarf October 2016 Issue

The second issue of the new format White Dwarf is in stores this weekend, and Subscribers have already started to receive theirs. Mine was delivered earlier, so I thought I’d give a few insights:

  • There’s a new editor, as Matt takes over from Jes.
  • The releases section seems to look up to 2 weeks ahead, at least for model kits, as it doesn’t list anything for release after the 15th.
  • There’s some additional Genestealer Cult stuff which wasn’t previously leaked, and some improved Texture Paints.
  • There’s an interview with longtime miniature designer Jes Goodwin, which in my opinion is worth the price of the magazine itself (at least if you’re interested in more than just the shiny new stuff, like I am).
  • The battle report features a great-looking board. I still need to go back and read the full report, but I like that they released the rules for the scenario alongside the report.
  • There’s a whole load of stuff not related to the new releases, including both a “Paint Splatter” painting guide (Blood Angels-focussed) and a ‘Eavy Metal article on painting caucasian skin.

Overall, I continue to love the new format White Dwarf. There seems to be a lot more variety and depth to the contents than in any recent incarnation of the magazine I can think of. Even if you think you’ve seen all the “spoilers” on the internet, I still recommend you go out and buy  a copy. Personally, I can’t wait for the November issue to arrive in roughly 4 weeks time!