“Just One More Go…”

One of the gifts I bought Girl Wonder for Christmas was the Nintendo NES Classic Mini. I managed to get in the 2nd preorder batch from the official Nintendo UK site, and it arrived just in time to be put under the tree. I’ll have some more thoughts on the NES Mini itself, later. Anyway, I set it up last night so she could have her first play-through of some of the games (Super Mario 3 is her favourite game of all-time). It’s safe to say it was a hit. I went to bed just after 10pm after being told “I’m just having one more go [at Dr. Mario].” At 00:30am she finally came to bed.



2 comments on ““Just One More Go…””
  1. I want a NES Mini just for Kirby’s Adventure!

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    1. Chris says:

      We haven’t got round to that one yet! The various Mario games are sucking up all our time for now…

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