A Cunning Plan


I wanted to make an early start on my Hobby Resolutions for this year – start as you mean to go on, and all that – so I took an hour or two to think about how to tackle my hefty backlog in manageable chunks.

My basic plan is to paint in roughly 500 point “blocks”; aiming for a block per month as probably the least likely to provoke burnout. If I can paint more than that some months: fantastic. If not, I’m not going to stress about it. Conveniently, 500 points per month is the goal for the local “New Year, New Army” event at my local Games Workshop store,

With that out of the way, it was then a case of “where to begin?” The vast majority of my backlog is made up of various sub-factions of Warhammer 40K Imperials, so it makes sense to start there. In December I finished a formation of Sisters of Silence + a Culexus Assassin, then built an army list around the theme of “Imperial Agents” – the SoS, Assassins, Grey Knights, and Deathwatch, possibly led by an Inquisitor. I figured that this might be the more interesting way to go, as it was more varied than Yet Another Space Marine Army.

Looking at the (rough) list I put together, the Grey Knights stood out as the obvious place to start, because: a) I had 1x character and 2x troops already, to meet a minimum CAD; and b) because the elements I already had came to almost exactly 500 points – 505, to be exact! 11 models also seemed like a nice, reasonably easy amount to kick-off with.

The Deathwatch will be split over 2 months, as the entire “sub-list” (of which I have all but 1 Drop Pod) comes to just over 1000 points. It is relatively small though, at 21 models, so I might get through it faster

There are some elements to add in – 2 Dreadknights for the Grey Knights, for example – but after these forces are done, I “just” have a Space Marine Skyhammer Annihilation Force to add in for the main segments of the army.

So that’s the plan for now. It might change slightly over the next few weeks, as the Fall of Cadia stuff is revealed and released (I definitely want to add the Inquisitor Greyfax model!), but as long as I stick to some semblance of it I should be fine… should.