Masking Miniatures for Airbrushing

When airbrushing miniatures, we often need to mask off different areas to protect from overspray. Working in sub-assemblies often helps, but more often than not it’s still not 100% unavoidable.

I’ve tried various different products and techniques for masking:

  • blu-tack
  • masking tape
  • liquid mask (liquid latex)
  • card/paper
  • specialist masking putty

All of these have their strengths and weaknesses, and are very useful in many situations. But one of my favourites – and the inspiration for this post – is using cling-film (which I think is also known as static wrap?) something I learned from both of the Angel Giraldez miniature painting books. It’s light, cheap, easy to use, reusable, doesn’t leave any residue, doesn’t lift up paint, and with a bit of manipulation can mask surprisingly small areas. That said, I tend to use it for larger areas, mostly for speed/convenience. One thing it’s very good for is masking off the rest of the miniature while poking a sword or other weapon through the film:

When I remember to use it, that is! For some reason it’s something I keep forgetting to reach for when I have a masking job…